I’d Do It All Again, But I’m Glad I Don’t Have To.

My pregnancy with my twins was a nightmare. Really and truly. Using the word nightmare seems so bold and vivid and exaggerated, but almost 6 years out, I STILL look back on my pregnancy and remember the worry, the heartache, and the mental anguish that I went through once I found out that I was carrying a rare sort of twins, and I can’t help but be glad that part of my life is over.

The Best Moments of Pregnancy…can sometimes come to us in the most surprising ways.


Two miscarriages and months upon months of trying to get pregnant. EVERY day wondering if this month was going to be “it”. Buying 5, sometimes 10 pregnancy tests at the dollar store on my way home from work, just so I could torture myself with each negative pink line that showed up on those lousy plastic sticks each week. I was tired, I was angry… I was done!

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

I have three kids, which means I’ve been pregnant at least three times (doesn’t take much math for that one). One would think three times makes you an expert. However I am here to say that each pregnancy is unique and different, no two are alike. Sometimes when you think you have prepared for everything life throws you a whopping curve ball.

What I would tell pregnant mamas…

It’s been a while since I had a new baby- my kids are 15, 7, and 5. The youngest is still a baby in my mind, but it’s been quite a spell since he kicked my ribs from the womb room.

But I can still remember vividly the feeling that accompanied me with all five of my pregnancies. (Three live births, a stillborn daughter, and a baby I miscarried.)

The vulnerability of being mere flesh and blood was shocking. Yet I was duty-bound to be a fortress for another living creature.

What if my jeans were too tight and squished it’s head? What if the seatbelt, worn to protect me, left some mark on the malleable being it lay across? Or the bacteria in god knows what passed some unseen barrier and hurt the baby, before I even knew it?

These are the things that could drive a mom crazy, if she thinks too hard about it.

But what I didn’t know, back when I was pregnant- the birth of the baby is not the end of a parent’s plotting against the pitfalls of the world.

It’s just the beginning.

Shhh, Your Body is Talking

I’ve been pregnant six times and have four children. My last pregnancy (with our fourth child) ended 6 years, 51 weeks and 5 days after the first pregnancy (with our first child) began. That’s a heck of a lot of intense physicality to put your body through in a short time. But there you have it. Call me crazy.

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The most difficult moment of my first pregnancy was actually immediately  after the pregnancy, when I thought I had failed at the very first thing a mother should do, breastfeed.  It was a painful and daunting task that made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated.  I just did not take to breastfeeding, though I tried very hard because I am NO quitter.  Not to mention, the peer pressure of everything that I had read online and in books made me feel so guilty if I didn’t breastfeed my baby.

Gaming for Change: A New Game That Informs and Entertains

Gaming for Change: A New Game That Informs and Entertains

Thousand Days game players are encouraged to learn about nutrition.

A first of its kind, a new Facebook game called The Thousand Days has been designed to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for pregnant mothers and babies during the first 1,000 days of life.   According to a growing body of research, the first 1,000 days of a child’s life – the nine months in the womb and the first two years out in the world – play an incredibly pivotal role in health throughout life.  Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and malnutrition can all be caused by what happens in utero.

Baby Steps For Big Impact: Better Nutrition In 1,000 Days

By Lucy Martinez Sullivan


It is strange to think that the effect of what a child eats during the 1,000 days between when he is in his mother’s womb and his 2 nd birthday can last a lifetime.  Yet science shows us that poor nutrition during these 1,000 days can cause severe and irreversible damage to a child’s body and brain.  The good news is that malnutrition is a problem we know how to solve.

It all starts with baby steps.

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