Happiness With a Belly Covered in Goo

Upon lying down on the procedure table at my OB’s office on the occasion of my very first-ever ultrasound, I had a serious case of the nervous butterflies. Doctor’s offices typically make me tense as it is, but the pending viewing of my little nugget-of-a-baby growing within my growing gut was pretty nerve wracking. Of course I was also over the moon with excitement, but worries about the baby’s health were tapping away, as were wont to do in my hypochondriacal mind.

He Had Me at the First Kick


The first time I felt each of my children kick was magical.

I recall being told that most women carry babies and have pregnancies similar to their mothers. My mother had difficult pregnancies and suffered many miscarriages. I was petrified that my pregnancies would be the same. I worried that they’d be full of complications or that my babies wouldn’t reach term and I’d suffer a loss like my mother.

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