An Ode to Midwives


October 25, 2011

From the moment I arrived at the hospital I had a midwife by my side. I was so scared and so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to do. Things that didn’t even apply to the actual childbirth she handled. Too many guests in the room for me to function–she calmly removed people to the waiting room. Concerned with the speed and lack of medication–she assured me it would just allow a faster process.

An Ode to Midwives

Even after I gave birth, my midwives team was there for me. Any questions I had they answered from simple diaper technique to breastfeeding help. So when I found out I was pregnant again it wasn’t even a thought of doctor or midwife. Problem? Half way through, Gavin was breech. No matter what I tried he wasn’t turning. I had to accept that I was having a c-section and was going to have to start seeing a doctor. To my surprise that didn’t mean the end of my midwife. The very same midwife who welcomed Johnny into this world promised to be by my side to help me welcome Gavin. She might not be the first hands to be placed on that little body, but her hands would be there holding mine to calm all the fears I was having.

Sure enough D-day, or should I say C-day, arrived and I was a mess. The idea of cutting my body open and pulling a child out petrified me. As promised though, I not only had the support of a doctor but my midwife was still there holding my hand. She took our very first photos and made that day more special then I’m sure she knows.

I will always have so much respect for midwives. They aren’t just there for the childbirth–they are there for mom. For those moments when we don’t have the strength, the courage, or just need comfort. Midwives are there.

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