Supermodel Spooktacular: Ghosts, Goblins and Good

Supermodel Spooktacular: Ghosts, Goblins and Good

Remember assembling the little cardboard box? Toting it around the neighborhood in one hand, a pillow case in the other, feeling good about doing good — and looking forward to chowing on all that candy?

Halloween is four days away and little hands will again head door-to-door doing good with the little orange boxes. Now in its 61 st year, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has found a way to bring the Halloween fun online and spice it up with its latest spokesperson, super hot supermodel and style doyenne Heidi Klum.

Bonding with My Child After a C-Section

In the United States many women are opting to give birth by cesarean section for a myriad of reasons. In my case, it was a necessity.

Like many women of African-American descent, I have fibroid tumors on my uterus and a year and half prior to getting pregnant, I decided to have them removed. Well, several of them removed because I still have fibroids. There were just too many to get rid of all of them. Prior to surgery I was told that I would only be able to give birth by c-section. As disappointing as that revelation was, relieving the pain of my fibroids was more important to me than giving a vaginal birth.

My Baby’s Sex Was the Least of My Worries

Before my first child was born, I did a lot of “prep work.” I watched those “bringing home baby” shows ad nauseum, I took prenatal yoga three times a week and I went to birthing classes with my husband. When the big day arrived, I had a strange mix of emotions ranging from totally calm and ready to utterly terrified and panicked. So when my nurse said to me, after twelve hours of laboring, “Are you ready?”

Unexpected Deliveries Leave Lasting Impressions

Having been a mother that went through the labor and delivery process twice already, I went into my third (and final) pregnancy with a birth plan that I had memorized and ingrained into my husband should I try to wimp out at some point. I already knew what it was like to deliver in a hospital with an angry staff, a faulty epidural and nearly every intervention possible aside from a c-section. I also knew what it was like to deliver in a hospital with a kind, calm, caring staff and no interventions other than a perfectly placed epidural.

Delivery: Beyond My Control

When I first became pregnant, I knew what I wanted.  I knew I wanted a natural birth with no drugs.  I knew I wanted to be in the hospital, just in case. I knew I wanted a midwife who would support me in my desires for a natural birth.

An Ode to Midwives

Even though with my first two pregnancies I had both a vaginal birth and a c-section, I had a midwife by my side for both. I was only 18 when Johnny came and I was so scared about every single part of pregnancy, I couldn’t even process birth. I met with a couple doctors during my pregnancy but there was just something so comforting and warm about the midwives I spoke with.

World Polio Day: The Fight to End Polio…For Good

Today, October 24 th, is World Polio Day.

Polio, a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease which mainly targets children under five, has been 99 percent eradicated globally, with just 2 cases per day in 2010 compared to more than a thousand just a quarter century ago.  In recent decades, as the polio vaccine has improved, become less expensive and more widely available, many have hoped the disease would go the way of small pox, becoming the second ever to be eradicated.

No Two Births Are the Same

So many times I heard this phrase during my second pregnancy: “No two births are the same,” everyone would say.  I suppose I felt this deep down, but I just knew that my body was probably going to hold onto this baby until the poor fella had to be forced out.

My Baby’s Birth Wasn’t What I Expected

When I was born, my parents were stumped.

Because for the duration of my mother’s pregnancy they never once expected her to give birth to a girl. It didn’t occur to them, even as an off-hand possibility– it was, apparently, as unlikely to them as giving birth to a kitten.  They didn’t have a girl’s name, they panicked.

I’ve been mocking them ever since I heard the story.  So it was a huge shock to me that I had to have a C-section.

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