My Children Inspire Me to be Healthy

Before having children, I really didn’t give much thought to being healthy.  I was always thin and didn’t have to worry about my weight, so I thought I was healthy.  I could eat what I wanted and didn’t have to worry about the number on the scale.  Once I had children, all that changed.  I had little people who depended on me, who watched my every single move, and once I was hit with the realization that I was about as unhealthy as I could get, I knew I had to change, if not for me, for my children.

How I Became a Candy Addict

My parents did quite a few questionable things when I was growing up.

Like as a baby, I slept in a laundry basket that was suspended from the ceiling.  And my dad would throw me in one of those baby backpacks and take me out on his MOTORCYCLE. And sometimes, when I was a little older, they would plop me on a wooden seat on the back of one of their bicycles.  No straps. I mean, straps are for pansies, right?!

Staying Healthy For Your Children

When the twins were first born, their health was one of our primary concerns, especially being premature. We did a lot of research on sleeping, eating, and babies developmental stages. We carefully monitored what they ate and how much. When they started joining us for meals, we really became aware of what we ate. We realized that if we wanted to continue to instill good eating habits that we had to change a few of ours.

Raising a Healthy Baby


Raising a Healthy Baby

Raising a healthy baby can, at times, be harder than it sounds. There are probably hundreds of books on the subject, and you’ll get advice (sometimes unsolicited) from any number of sources, everyone from strangers to your family. My single best tip would be to yes, research it and seek advice, but in the end, always go with your own gut.

Trust Your Motherly Instincts and Tune Out Unsolicited Advise

Everybody seems to have an opinion these days. How do you handle all the parenting advice that is given to you by outside sources?

I have to say that this hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I’m pretty headstrong and believe in following my gut instinct when it comes to everything in my life, be that moving to the U.S. or what to major in in college or which career path to follow.

Celebrating Newborn Cries and Healthy Kids

Those newborn cries when the first vaccines are administered in the early hours and days of life always make me smile. Your infant has no fear or learned reaction. It’s a quick prick, a quick cry and it’s done! Antibodies from you, and from the medicine work together, and a healthy journey is begun. It continues through the early growing years. Incentives are required now, to get your little one to sit still, beautiful snuggles take place afterwards to soothe and nurture them and their t-shirt is covered in stickers from the nurses! But it’s so worth it.

A Parenting Manifesto

If they come out from under our roof with only one healthy tool in the belt around their lives, let it be gratitude. Let them see beauty in dark and light times, always. Let us teach them to see the thousands of small gifts in every day, every hour.

What do you do to raise a healthy child?

My quest to raise a healthy child began during my pregnancy. I knew I wanted to do what I thought would be best. What mother doesn’t? Of course, what’s “best” is different for everyone, but for me I decided to put my focus on raising a healthy eater with a positive attitude towards exercise.

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