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December 15, 2011


I have bad luck with my teeth.

Heck…who I am kidding.  I have bad luck with my HEALTH!

I love my dad.  Sooo much.  He’s an awesome, funny, country man.

But he only has one tooth.

Yes.  I said that right.

And sinse I tend to favor him a LOT, I can only FEAR that I might be like him one day.


One of the things I really believe in this whole oral health community is that if you have bad teeth, the likeliness of your health being bad is very high!

Cause if you think about it.  Bacteria in your mouth can travel to your entire body. Cavities and gum disease may contribute to many serious conditions, such as diabetes and respiratory diseases.

I know you’ve heard it.  And I TOTALLY believe it.  But becoming a mom makes you have a higher chance of cavities and troubled teeth!

For me, I have a funny story to tell.  Humiliating…depressing…but hysterical if you’re not me! ha  So here goes.

When I was pregnant I obviously couldn’t get all the drugs and crazy stuff done because it’s not healthy for your baby.  But…ahem…when I was on a flight to visit my family, my cap fell off while eating some of those cheap peanuts they give you.

And.  Well.  I ate it.

The peanuts and the cap.

So of course I was annoyed.  Because I paid an INSANE amount out of pocket for the root canal and cap.  Hours and horror invested along with the financial investment?  NOT A HAPPY PREGNANT CHIC.

When I landed I called my Online Dentist and they told me I could A. Come in and get a temporary one till my baby was born.  Or B. FISH IT OUT.

Yeah.  You might get where I’m going with this.

And you might be ill at the same time.

I know I was.

So I did what any annoyed, cheap person would do.

I ‘fished it out.’

Yes.  I know.  You’ll NEVER look at me the same again.  Sorry.

The bad news is…..I was a wimp and couldn’t put that very sterilized tooth back in my mouth.

Which wouldn’t be bad news to some-but it was to me.

Cause I just let it go and by the time my son was born the tooth that was exposed was soooo dead they had to pull it.

Yes.  More insane misery.

So here I was, a week after my son was born at the Tustin Smiles dental clinic getting a tooth pulled. And in the 3 years of his little life I’ve had every filling removed and replaced with

the clear stuff, 3 cavities filled, tooth pulled and this past June they went in with the loudest sounding instrument I’ve ever heard during dental services. They tried and save my top molar back tooth because the cavity was so deep that it was near exposing the root. Check the website https://www.bestogdendentist.com/ for best dental services.

Hence.  Here I am today.  In pain.  Their $1200 procedure DIDN’T WORK.

And I’ve been putting it off for 2 months hoping that it would just go away.

Becoming a mom sure does a number on your body.  Inside and out.

Yes, I know I can’t blame him but studies keep telling us that poor oral hygiene while pregnant is gonna mess you up after delivery!

I’m a walking example, I tell ya.

And the thought of living in a 3rd world country and not having anesthesia gives me the heebee jeebees!!!

Not only for my low tolerance but for my 3 year old too.

He has yet to go to the dentist.

We brush his teeth everyday.  He knows that dirty teeth and stinky breath are not good for your health.  I guess I’m procrastinating on taking him because I know how I squirm in the chair.

So…no more procrastination.

I just made an appointment for me at my Wicker Park Dentist to get that dreaded checkup.  And I made one for him to get his first fun experience in the dentist chair.

Why on earth when I think about all this I can’t stop singing the theme song to the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors?’


Drill Sergeant

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