Dumb Mom’s Guide to Growing Healthy Humans.


December 13, 2011

You know, sorta?

Dumb Mom’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Healthy, At Least When it Comes to Things That Might Kill Them

Get them Vaccinated. Clearly this is one of those hot topics that people are all split and warring over. But, for me, it’s not really even an issue. My kids are vaccinated, I’m fine with it, and I’m not at all sorry I did it. Vaccines kill bad stuff. Bad stuff that kills kids. I’m not saying everyone should do it and I can’t say I care a ton if you don’t, but I also know that there are mothers in places on this planet right now who would shoot their own
face off to have access to the vaccines and medical care we can walk into any hospital in this country and get. Rather you accept it or not, I just want people to be grateful for it and make it a point to not judge anyone who takes advantage of it. I’m pretty much against person-to-person judging at all times. On the rare occasion that a situation does arise (i.e. when you wear Pajama Jeans to a basketball banquet) wherein I may appear to be judging someone, I like to think of it as offering guidance. Because that just sounds better, ya know?!

Wash them good. Clearly all of the gnarly bits should be attended to whenever possible, but the hands should be dealt with multiple times in the day. Just because you can’t see dirt, doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash, yo. Try convincing your children of this fact though, I double-dog-dare you.

Give them vitamins. Because if your child eats anything like mine do (wherein every item on their plate for dinner is white: hard boiled egg, cauliflower, and buttered pasta with milk to drink), there is a possibility that they aren’t getting all of their daily nutrients required for optimal health via their food choices. Even breast fed newborns need vitamins (especially if mom isn’t exactly eating like a track star everyday).

Make them move. Because exercising your body is important; starting the day they come out of the womb in fact. I’m not saying you should be making your infant do dead-squats with his rattle while you nurse him or anything, I’m just saying they need time to work their neck muscles so they can hold up those big heads and time to lay on their tummies so they can practice pushing up that big head and looking around with it grow strong both mentally and physically. Plus people with more active lives get sick less. I know, it’s a wonder I’m not in a coma somewhere.

Teach them not to touch. Other people. Or the toilet seat. Or the water fountain with their lips (gag!). Little things help; like not licking the shopping cart with their tongues or not eating that piece of candy they found on the floor of the nursing home when you took them to visit grandma. That stuff? Saves lives.

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