You are Your Child’s Biggest Advocate

As parents, we're constantly concerned about the well-being of each of our children. Well, aren't we all?  We worry about what they each eat, their social lives, their physical activity and, of course, their emotional well-beings.

Our children were born only 19 months apart, and we have never really had any time to stop and figure anything out.  We've had to learn it all on the fly.  You can really only hope for the best and be the best parent that you know how to be.

Trust Yourself

I was freshly twenty-one when I was discharged from the hospital with an ooey-gooey lump of baby. I weighed approximately that of a VW Beetle, couldn't walk more than three feet without weeping from pain, and I was terrified.

I'd never had a younger brother or sister - hadn't even babysat a child younger than eight. I had no idea what to do with this baby who screamed like he was possessed. Well, I did know what to do, but it involved a lot of unproductive weeping (on both of our ends).

Who do you turn to as a resource for children’s health?

I can't even imagine a world where I couldn't research and ask questions endlessly about my children's health… and of course take them to see a doctor.

The horrible reality is that only those of us fortunate to be literate and have Internet access can experience the freedom of endless, reliable information and support. And even fewer can call up and book a doctor's appointment or drive a few blocks and get to a hospital.

Strong is the New Skinny

Until losing my dad to cancer in 2001, and then, a few years later having children of my own, the subject of "health and fitness," to me, was always about losing weight and being skinny. Throughout my life, I had gone through cycles of working out and dieting so I could look like the magazine models and red-carpet celebrities (which I never did), and quite frankly, a lot of my self-worth was tied up with how my jeans fit. I thought dieting equated being healthy but really wasn't paying attention to the nutritional value of what I put in my body.

It Could Have Been Worse

Almost 5 years ago exactly, I was at the hospital finding out if our second baby would be wearing blue or pink. I remember being so excited when we heard we would be having our first boy. My husband and I were having a fantastic time and laughing crazily in the hospital.

Then it happened. The ultrasound technician got a little weird.

This Is Not How I Envisioned Mealtime…

Before we had children, I used to dream of gathering around the dinner table, reconnecting and sharing bits of our day.

I envisioned smiles, funny stories, and happiness.

I could have never imagined what dinnertime would actually be like with small children.

From the moment I begin making dinner, the trouble begins.

Parenting Advice is like a Buffet

Parenting Advice is like a Buffet

When I was pregnant with my first baby I really had no idea what I was doing.  By the time she was born, I had been an Aunt for 13 years and had 11 nieces and nephews.  But that second hand knowledge was nothing compared to what I needed to know for my child.

Trusting my Instincts

Before I gave birth to my first child I read every book I could get my hands on: books on pregnancy, childbirth, the first year, the toddler years, what to do with a naughty teenager, and on and on.  I read myself in circles, trying to get a handle on what to do once this little girl showed up and I was the boss.  Even though I spent my youth babysitting for friends and nannying for a family in the neighborhood, there was really only so much I could do to prepare for my own baby.  At about 35 weeks I finally told my husband, "All the books say different things! One says to let your baby cry to sleep, the other says to let them snuggle in with you, and the third says to hire a sleep nurse.  How do I know which one is right?!"

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