Million Moms Challenge Says Thank You!

Did you know that together we have created something pretty extraordinary? Over the past few months you have come together from far and wide through the Million Moms Challenge in support of mothers and babies all over the world.

In four months, we exceeded our goal of gathering 100,000 online fans and sign-ups and unlocked an incredibly generous $110,000 donation from Johnson & Johnson. Another $100,000 was donated to the Million Moms Fund from supporters across the country. These donations can provide transportation to bring 800 pregnant women to a safe delivery, protect 300 women and their children from neonatal tetanus, prevent 400 mother to child HIV transmissions, and train 40 rural health workers and midwives.

Fighting Neonatal Tetanus: The Story Of Two American Women In Sierra Leone

Community Manger

Late last year, Linda Christiano, a mother of two and grandmother of three, visited Sierra Leone with her husband Jerry and granddaughter, Sophia Bird. She joined fellow members of Kiwanis International and UNICEF to see firsthand the impact of Eliminate Project -- a partnership launched in the summer of 2011 between the two organizations to protect 100 million mothers and their children from maternal and neonatal tetanus with life-saving vaccines. Tetanus is a painful disease that kills one newborn every nine minutes -- 160 babies every day.

Below, Chrysula Winegar of the Million Moms Challenge, asks a few questions to learn about Linda and Sophia’s trip and the mothers they met who changed their lives.

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