Million Moms Challenge Says Thank You!


January 25, 2012

ABC_MMCWe are so grateful to ABC News for helping bring us together to connect and support mothers and babies around the world. This would not have been possible without the talented team at ABC, and especially Teri Whitcraft who has been fueling this partnership with what seems like an endless supply of great ideas and energy, and Dr. Richard Besser- a renowned expert in global health who has helped bring the message of the Million Moms Challenge to…millions.

Community Manager Chrysula Winegar is here to connect you to the important work of our partners and help you find a place to gather and share ideas and wisdom. We have a wonderful team of Community Leaders kicking off again this week. We are welcoming back Katherine Stone and Tiany Davis and joining us for the first time as Community Leaders, Marinka and Kristina Daniele.

We would love your thoughts, suggestions and mother hearts as we support each other and support mothers and babies everywhere. Please join us in the Community and join the conversation!

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