February 15, 2012

There are children starving all over the world. We’ve all heard this fact since we the very first time we refused to eat zucchini or broccoli. We’ve heard this so often that many of us have become numb to it, failing to understand this reality. The reasons are complex and countless: War. Famine. Over-farming. Under-farming. Cultural tradition. Maternal death. There are thousands of reasons for there still to be starving children. There are also thousands of solutions and now we need to gather the passion and commitment to implement them!

Cat_CoraCelebrity chef Cat Cora is just one of the many voices calling us to attention and action. Ms Cora’s deep love and understand of food makes her perfectly placed to help us all pay more attention to the feeding the world’s children. She was in Ethiopia with Save the Children all last week:

“As a mom, I really identified with the mothers I met in Ethiopia.  Of course they want the best for their children, just like I do, like any mother would.  The best part was hearing how moms had learned simple, practical ways to improve their kids’ nutrition, like breastfeeding, growing vegetables in an urban garden, adding a variety of ingredients to basic meals.  These solutions are attainable and sustainable and all kids should have the chance at a brighter future the correct nutrition provides.  Better health, better performance at school, better prospects for a  happy and productive future. Going to Ethiopia really deepened my commitment to doing what I can to get more people excited about good nutrition and what an incredible investment it is—for kids everywhere, for their families, their communities, and all of us, really.”

Save the Children has launched a new campaign of action as well as an important report into this critical issue. It’s time to stop 300 children dying every hour from malnutrition. It’s time the world paid attention to 2.6 million children a year who cannot get the healthy food they need to survive and thrive.  

At, you can take action to wake up the world from this hidden crisis. Please go to now and choose a way you can get involved. Because not only do the millions need you. So does the one.

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