How One Photo Made a Difference to Moms and Babies.

By Global Moms Challenge

May 14, 2012

gedes_claraHow can a portrait of a pregnant belly with a sweet message written on it make a difference? And how can a photo shoot with a North Virginia Photographer Sarah Drewry, do something for mothers and babies in Kenya or India or Haiti? 

The answer is you. You came by the thousands, drawn by a contest with a unique prize, to the Million Moms Challenge. You’ve stayed with us to learn about the problems mothers and babies face in developing countries around the world. You’ve expanded your knowledge and shared our stories and articles with your own families and friends. 

You have given your hearts and you have given your hard earned money. Your donations since the Million Moms Challenge launched only last September have helped do so much. Here’s just a small sample of your accomplishments:

  • Bought 160 “mama” kits including surgical gloves and basic supplies used by community midwives to ensure safe deliveries.
  • Trained 20 community midwives and bought bicycles for them to travel to their patients.
  • Provided training for 5 community-based educators on maternal and newborn care and paid for six months of their supplies and equipment.
  • Delivered 130 home nutrition packets to moms and children (over the 1,000 days from pregnancy to child’s 2nd birthday) and funds for nutrition education.
  • Equipped 85 community health workers with cell phones.
  • Protected 1,550 children with a lifetime of immunization to protect them from pneumonia, diarrhea, polio and measles
  • Protected 5,770 mothers and future newborns from tetanus.

Thank you for reading, learning, sharing and donating to keep moms and babies everywhere healthy and happy.

TAKE ACTION: Go to our take action page, donate to our to support moms around the world, and keep sharing stories to continue to build this movement to help moms and babies survive and thrive.

Photo credit: Kelly Geddes

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