Why is Christy Turlington Asking Mothers to Disappear for Mother’s Day?


May 10, 2012

Some of you, or your friends and family already know this feeling, but very few of us lost our mothers as infants or young children; very few have absolutely no memories to call up on days like Mother’s Day. But that is the reality for millions of children around the world whose mothers die from complications during pregnancy and birth.

“I hope that this video will get people to stop for a moment and take the information in. 1,000 women will die this Mother’s Day, and each day of every year going forward until we say ‘Enough!’” says Turlington.

After her own brush with a potentially life-threatening complication delivering her first child eight years ago, Turlington has thrown her resources and celebrity into Every Mother Counts, a foundation to raise awareness, action and money for maternal health – a group we are proud to have as a partner of the Million Moms Challenge.

ct“Once I learned that hundreds of thousands of women die from the same complication I endured and survived, I needed to do something about it,” says Turlington. “No Mothers Day is a social issue campaign that is meant to get people to stop and consider the facts to drive awareness about a largely preventable tragedy. Nearly 360,000 girls and women die every year bringing life into the world yet 90% of these deaths are preventable. We believe that once people know these facts, as well as some of the low cost solutions, they will want to do what they can to put an end to this. Ultimately, our aim is to inspire people to get involved.”

You can take action by going to Every Mother Counts’ Facebook page where suggested actions and images are available for you to share the campaign and choose your own action of advocacy or silence this Mother’s Day. You can also purchase a compilation CD with artists including Bono, Faith Hill, Alanis Morisette and David Bowie,  from any Starbucks, $8 of each $12.95 purchase goes to Every Mother Counts.

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