Why Your Voice Mattered for the G8


May 23, 2012

g8We asked the Millions Moms Challenge community what they wanted to know — things like: what is the G8 and how does it affect me?; what will they be discussing?; and how does the G8 help the world?

Adam Taylor, World Vision’s Vice-President for Advocacy at World Vision tackled some of our questions.

“G8 leaders have been making historic commitments to fight extreme poverty, in part because many citizens like you and I have been calling on them for greater leadership.”

In this G8 summit, food security was on the agenda. We asked our community to encourage global leaders to take greater steps to end world hunger.

“So why should you care about hunger and nutrition?” Adam challenges us and explains the implications for kids who are malnourished during those critical 1,000 days between conception and 2 years of age. 

You should care because your voice holds power. Thousands came together to tell world leaders that we need to fight hunger around the world, and they listened. From the White House over the weekend, “President Obama and G8 leaders announced a new alliance on food security with African leaders and the private sector as part of an effort to lift 50 million people out of poverty over the next decade.”

Let’s push to keep up the commitment of world leaders on food security and ending hunger! Add your name and learn more at World Vision’s www.hungerfree.org.

Photo source: www.whitehouse.gov

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