A Young Mother’s Front-Row Seat at the UN’s Rio+20 Summit

Anastasia Dellaccio from the United Nations Foundation guest posts for us today. Last week she was in Rio de Janeiro for Rio+Social, an interactive event streaming worldwide, in advance of the historic UN Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development.

After months of hard work and planning, I took my seat last Tuesday morning in the
Rio+Social audience, plugged in my computer, my phone, and my other phone, opened up all of my social media channels, and waited anxiously for the program to begin.

How Social Media Gives us all a Seat at the Summit

By: Aaron Sherinian

Right now, world leaders are gathering in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, to define pathways to a more sustainable future for our world. Known as Rio+20 because it marks 20 years since the first Earth Summit held in Rio, the conference will bring together governments, businesses and groups from around the world to shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity, and ensure environmental protection to get to the future we want.

UN Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit: So What’s It All About?

Mothers, bloggers, global energy and policy experts, mom advocacy groups and others gathered in our community last Thursday for a live chat. The UN Foundation’s Aaron Sherinian, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations and Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director, Energy & Climate, Energy Access Initiative, were joined by our guest co-hosts from Moms Clean Air Force, Moms Rising and Mom Bloggers for Social Good to discuss what the Rio+20 Summit means for us and the rest of the planet.

What’s a B’EarthDay Party?

At six years old, my son Travis surprises me fairly often. Last month, as we planned his birthday party, I got a surprise that made me really proud of him, and reminded me that our kids are sometimes way more ready to grow than we realize.

His birthday is close to Earth Day, which happened to fall on a Sunday this year. As we talked through possible themes, dates, and times for the party, and who to invite, we realized that Earth Day was the optimal date, and we found a great location in a park we like. We talked with Travis about Earth Day, and what it means. My wife, Carrie, came up with the idea of doing a park clean up as part of his party, and he loved it. We decided to call it his “B’EarthDay” party.

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