Changing the Way We Approach World Food and Nutrition: Part 2

The voice of change is as simple as repeating, over and over and over. Someone will listen. ~ Kelly Pugliano,

Experts on how the world cooks and eats joined us recently for a
live chat in our community. You joined in with great questions, tweets and thoughtful dialogue. This is the second of a two part series on the essence of our far-ranging conversation and the call to action for all of us. This second post focuses on solutions and bringing this issues home to us here in the USA.

Moments Matter

Devi Thomas is the Director of the Shot@Life Campaign and a busy working mother. Both her roles just got a little easier! Enjoy her guest post for us today.

Let's face it. Parenting takes a lot out of you. Sometimes by the end of the day, I barely have enough energy to give my two year old a bath let alone take a minute to fill out his baby book with milestones and memories. But, these moments matter and I know 10 years from now I'll wish I could remember each and every one of them.

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