Moments Matter


October 2, 2012

When we started talking about developing a mobile app for Shot@Life we thought, how can we make it easier for busy parents here to track their child’s milestones all while helping to increase access to life-saving vaccines to give children around the world a shot at the same healthy firsts?


One year later we are proud to announce that the Shot@Life mobile app has just launched . The new Shot@Life mobile app, available on Apple iOS and Android, helps parents tell the story of their child’s “firsts,” by capturing photos and chronicling childhood moments from 0 – 5 through the milestone tracker. But there’s more – it does all this while helping to build awareness about the Shot@Life campaign and the life-saving vaccines that can help give children around the world a shot at a healthy life.

Don’t let one more milestone go by. Download the app today . Then, tweet this to share it with your friends!

Learn more about Shot@Life’s campaign to raise awareness, advocacy and action for the world’s hardest to reach children and download the app here .

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