Setting Goals for the World: Ending Poverty in Our Generation

A new year always brings a sense of possibility. Against the backdrop of newness, many of us try to set goals for the coming year. While the chances of sticking to those goals are low for most of us, data shows that when goals are clear, measurable, realistic, and shared with others, they are far more likely to be achieved. This has been proven for individuals, families, organizations and even countries. But, what about setting goals for the world?

The Last Reported Case of Polio in India – Could Have Been Me

When I look at pictures of three-and-a-half-year-old Rukhsar, the last reported case of wild polio in India, all I can think is that could have been me. With her round brown face and her direct gaze, she even looks like I did when I was a toddler. My Indian parents who migrated to North America never received their polio vaccine when they were infants. When my sister and I were born, they proudly took us to receive our vaccine against a disease they had seen so many suffer from.

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