Revolutionizing Healthcare, One Text Message at a Time

By Global Moms Challenge

January 30, 2013

mHeath–using mobile phones and devices to help deliver health care solutions, especially in hard to reach areas–is taking over! Recently, experts in the mHealth community gathered in Tanzania to talk about how to make sure they are delivering the right tools, the right technology and the right solutions, and how to deliver these things to even more people.

Projects have “cropped up by the thousands, proving in several ways, that mobile phones are an innovative solution to broaden the reach of healthcare to developing and rural communities,” says mHealth Alliance community manager Mandy Sugrue.  “Now, the problem isn’t proving the value of mobile phones, but how to create standards on the global level and work together to identify what’s working and what’s not.”

Sugrue recently sat down with Sarah Emerson, the Center for Disease Control Foundation’s country manager for the mHealth Tanzania Public Private Partnership. She talks about what mHealth means for the world and how collecting evidence of effectiveness or improvements needed is an essential part of the process. View her interview here.

The mHealth community is identifying the programs that are working and then asking the important questions: What makes them successful? How can we build these programs up from the pilot stage? Who will pay for the programs to continue? How can the government change policy to incorporate mobile as a healthcare intervention?  blog_post_image_1.30.2013_edited

In an effort to continue the “Global Conversation” the Alliance has created an online forum that will include video interviews from mHealth workshop participants, blog updates from the workshop discussions, and resources recommendations on mHealth evidence.  Join them in this healthcare revolution so that healthcare providers can start using different technologies like those at Foresee Medical!

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