28 Days of Impact: Boniface and Christina


February 8, 2013

Christina_pic_blog_post_2.08.2013The first week of stories for the Shot@Life campaign’s 28 Days of Impact have already taken us through a range of emotions as we’ve smiled and cried over the journeys of mothers and children and health workers in remote parts of the world.

Katherine Stone, one of our Community Leaders at the Million Moms Challenge, and founder of Post Partum Progress, shared a particularly powerful story. It’s the story of an 11-month-old child, named Boniface. But really, it’s the story of his mother, Christina Banda–the story of her bravery, courage and stoicism.

“I haven’t been in Christina’s situation. My children have had illnesses, to be sure, but not ones that were life-threatening and could have been prevented…There’s not a single story I can tell you of my experience with motherhood that even comes close to being similar to Christina’s. Not one…”

Katherine reminds us of the big “whys” of the Shot@Life campaign:

  • Vaccines are safe, simple and one of the most cost-effective ways to save and improve the lives of children worldwide.
  • Vaccines work.
  • Vaccines currently help save 2.5 million children from preventable diseases every year.
  • Vaccination efforts have already made a difference. Thanks to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the number of new cases of polio has dropped 99 percent and the Measles Initiative has vaccinated 1 billion children in 60 developing countries and has decreased measles deaths by 71 percent.
  • Vaccines can level the playing field so that all children, no matter their circumstances, have a shot at a healthy life.

The Take Action Challenge

ShotLife_28_days_of_impact_logo“We need to keep the pressure on, and a simple email to Congress can do just that! Use your voice on behalf of another mother, one you’ll never meet, but who really cares because she’s a mother. Shot@Life has made it easy for you — all you have to do is click here and your message will be sent to Congress lickety-split.” Please read and share Katherine’s full post about Christina and Boniface here.

Christina’s story comes from The GAVI Alliance and is part of Shot@Life’s ’28 Days of Impact,’ a follow up to Blogust to raise awareness for vaccines and the work being done globally by Shot@Life and its partners to help give children around the world a shot at a healthy life. Each day in February, you can read another impactful story on global childhood vaccines. Go to www.shotatlife.org/impact to learn more.

Photo of Christina Banda, courtesy of GAVI Alliance.

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