Global Mom Relay: Cooking that is killing children

She holds her handmade silk scarf over her face with her left hand, peeking out only to check the flame and stir with her right. Fiery tears stream down her face and bleed into the cloth. The 23-year-old mother of three started the fire in her mud stove 30 minutes ago, the thick toxic smoke from the flames is quick to fill every inch of her one-room hut located in a village northwest of Delhi, India. Dinner should be ready in a couple of hours...

What About Water: 5 Questions From Moms Around the World

By Lauren Fisher, Emergency Communications, World Vision “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.” It’s a common phrase in the United States, but for millions of mothers around the world and their children, the unknown is deadly, especially when it comes to water. Here are the top five water questions moms around the world must ask themselves each day with some of the best water photos from World Vision staff around the world.

Unlocking Possibilities: A Q&A with Erin Ganju, co-founder and CEO of Room to Read

Room to Read, in just a few short years, has established 15,000 libraries, constructed over 1,600 schools, distributed more than 12 million books, including over 850 self-published original local language titles, and supported 20,000 girls in their Girls’ Education program. Following on from our introduction to the girls Room to Read works with, we interviewed Erin Ganju, co-founder and CEO to learn more.

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