4 Ways to Reach Out on International Women’s Day

By Global Moms Challenge

March 7, 2013

Since the early 20th Century, women and men have approached this day as an opportunity to rally for improvements for women, from the right to vote to safer working conditions. Women still earn less than men in the workplace and are still underrepresented at senior levels in business and government.

Even so, progress and recognition for women continues to grow and International Women’s Day only furthers the cause of greater equality for women. In many countries, International Women’s Day is as important (or more so) than Mother’s Day. Around the world and in the United States, celebrations of all kinds will be held in support of women everywhere.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is, “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.” One in three women today is affected by violence. We know that when women are healthy, educated and empowered, they improve their families, communities, and our world. (Learn more at UN Women and support the cause here.)

Here’s a snapshot of how a few of our friends are coming together for this year’s International Women’s Day:

Every Mother Counts


Under March’s theme of ‘Every Story Counts,’Every Mother Counts will be highlighting the connections of maternal health stories from around the globe, and they want to hear your stories. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email, they’ll combine your stories of motherhood to show the similarities and differences between women everywhere.

On March 8th they’ll be joining Half the Sky in tweeting “Change the Story.” Nick Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn will send out a tweet to start a story and you can add to it, resulting in a poem as a tribute to women. Follow @everymomcounts and @half to join in!

Later this month, don’t miss the launch of a Global Birth Club, which follows the details and issues of motherhood from five women around the globe.

Riders for Health

riders_for_health_blog_postRiders for Health is sharing stories that focus on employment and training for women. They are reporting from The Gambia, Kenya and other places, to share stories from Riders for Health apprentices and employees who are making an impact in their communities.

Providing education and hands-on instruction for girls is the key to empower girls and women to move out of poverty, allow them to help themselves and others, and greater access to healthcare.  Learn more here.

International Medical Corps

international_medical_corps_blog_postIn the countries where International Medical Corpsoperates, most pregnant women endure their entire pregnancy without seeing a doctor or midwife. This often results in complications for both mother and baby. Join International Medical Corps as they stand up for women’s health and honor the courageous women working on the frontlines of conflict and disaster to provide health care to those who need it most. A $10 donation provides health care services for one mother and her baby from pregnancy to post-delivery.

Be sure to share a story of a time you received amazing care from a female health worker on their facebook wall, and read others’ stories as well. Also check out their International Women’s Day 2013 webpage.

United Nations Foundation

UNF_IWD_2013_blog_postAs the world celebrates women, we’re celebrating you! Send a beautiful e-card to a woman who inspires you! It’s availablehere through the end of March. You can also make a donation to the UN Trust Fund in her honor to help other women around the world get the education, training and services they need to flourish.



Send an e-card to the inspiring women in your lives. Who doesn’t love a moment of acknowledgement!

How will you take action for women everywhere this International Women’s Day?

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