Mothers Are The Agents Of Change

By Global Moms Challenge

March 14, 2013

Milly writing her post (Photo by TMS Ruge)

Almost on a daily basis, I meet with mothers who are struggling to support their families on very little income and yet are doing it with great, zeal, patience and love. In a village setting — where mothers are ill-equipped to make this a reality — are ladies of great generosity, who dedicate their lives to their children’s future. Upon their children, they leave indelible impressions of what a loving mother should be.

They work long hours in their gardens and small shops, thinking less of themselves and more on the welfare of their children. Though harassed by the complications of life in a small village in Uganda, they willingly sacrifice their very lives so that their children will inherit a better world. These mothers are determined to be good examples to their children and even other mothers who are not mindful of their children’s future.

My mother had eight children as well, and the best advice she gave me was to love my children unconditionally. This message I also relay to the mothers in my community and those around the world. Children are a gift from God, and we should endeavor to encourage them on, whatever their weaknesses or strengths…

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