I Hope My Kids Can Say Thank-You Like Victoria Justice!


May 17, 2013

No longer teen-aged singer and star (she turns 20 today–Happy Birthday!) Victoria Justice’s GirlRaiser gathered over $20,000 last year for Girl Up. To say thanks to her fans (and the mothers who contributed their credit cards) Victoria made this video and released a new song today, called Girl Up.

She’s giving it to all of us and you can download the song for free right here. Victoria traveled to Guatemala last year with the UN and was inspired by the girls she met there.

“The money you raised is going to provide girls…the chance to reach their full potential…You remind me that while we are strong, together we are so much stronger!”

Victoria’s passion and enthusiasm are as engaging as her song. Watch and listen!

Victoria continues, “there are so many girls in the United States just like me who are ready to stand up for other girls around the world.” I bet lots of their mothers are ready too! And I’m hoping I can take a parenting tip from Victoria’s family to help my children be advocates for what’s good and right, and to help them remember to always show their gratitude.

Thank YOU Victoria. And a happy, happy birthday!

How do you help your kids to say thank you?

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