It does take a village to raise a child. What’s your village?


May 17, 2013

I really never understood what the phrase “It takes a village” really, really meant until I had my first, and only, child miles and borders away from any family members.

My village consisted of only my husband and myself. Add to that the fact that my girl was born months before the recession really hit us, and our options of even creating a village for us became null.

Needless to say, it was tough. I am extremely thankful that my family’s health has aways been ideal and that things really could have been much worse, but I really missed having a village or any second pair of hands to help out all those countless days and nights when it was just all too much.

Do you have a village? Who are they and what does your village look like?

Consider this your space to pay a special tribute to them…

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