How One US Town Goes Global Each Summer


June 24, 2013

jUNe_DayWestport is a beautiful community on the southern shores of Connecticut. Many residents work in New York City and connecting with the world is important to those who live and work there.

So much so that each year, organized by the local United Nations Association committee, a global celebration takes place known as jUNe day! One of the most striking markers of this festival is this bridge, adorned with the flags of many of the 193 nations that make up the United Nations. On 364 days of the year, the Stars and Stripes fly proudly. But for just one day of the year, the world’s flags are on display — symbolizing this town’s commitment to being citizens of the world as well as the United States.

UN representatives come to the town to give lectures and participate in a variety of international activities. Westport has been hosting jUNe Day every year since 1965! The day observes the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter on June 26th 1945. Events aim to promote greater understanding of international affairs and promote peace and understanding. Over 300 members of the UN community are expected to join in this year’s jUNe Day.

Various sporting events, international food, music and conversations will be held all day this Saturday June 29th. . If you’re in the area, you can find more details here.

We love the idea of a community taking the initiative to celebrate the world around them, and in the process, creating the opportunity for rich global connections, meaningful exchange and new friendships.

Take Action Challenge

Share with us how your community celebrates the world! To get more involved in the UN’s work and understand its impact around the world, check out your local United Nations Association. For the USA start here. For the rest of the world, go here.

Image credit: with permissionTom Henry / Westport Minuteman

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