ONE Asks You to Agit8!


June 14, 2013


From Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” to Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin’s “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,” music influences our feelings. It has the power to move us, challenge us and sometimes change us. “From civil rights and women’s suffrage to anti-apartheid and Live 8, protest songs have helped shape history. When people come together and raise their voices, extraordinary things can happen,” says the ONE campaign. We agree!

ONE_blog_post_image_2The  ONE Campaign has gathered an extraordinary group of artists and songs to create Agit8 (“agitate”) in advance of the G8 meetings happening next week.

Take Action Challenge

Think music can change the world? We think so too! Go to and listen to covers of the world’s most iconic protest songs by top global artists like Mumford & Sons, U2, Kanye West, Tracy Chapman,, Angelique Kidjo, Ed Sheeran, Elvis Costello and more.

Then join the ONE community and raise your voice in time for next week’s G8, a gathering of the heads of eight major economies, to show world leaders you’re paying attention to global poverty and their efforts to end it.

Share your favorite song from the playlist on Facebook and Twitter too, or share this:

Get on YOUR soapbox and join @ONE for #agit8, an interactive audio history of the #protestsong.

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