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June 19, 2013

PlusSocialGoodSo many of you ask us, “How can I do more? I share things online, I sign petitions, and I donate when I can. But what can I do?” Inspired by the Social Good Summit, a new community +SocialGood is bringing together innovators from around the globe with the aim of leveraging the power of technology and social media to make the world a better place. And those innovators include you!


How? Here’s just one idea from Million Moms Challenge supporter and author of, Elena Sonnino. Elena has organized a +SocialGood event in her hometown just outside Washington, D.C. Her half-day, interactive event, Moms+Tweens+SocialGood, aims to engage moms and their tweens together to foster global citizenship. Sessions will include panels of moms and tweens, as well as activities including learning how to write letters to Congress to advocate for important causes.

MomsTweensElena was inspired to create the event by her eight-year-old daughter, who is learning to understand her own world with a more global perspective. Elena saw a need for a specialized opportunity for kids between 8 and 12 years old. She points out that there are many ways for younger children to volunteer and learn about community, usually by participating in family-centered service activities; and lots for teenagers, whether through Model UN, GirlUp, or similar organizations.

For tweens, she noticed an assumption that they’re too young for technology or understanding. However Elena’s intention in creating this event is to give voice to these kids who will be teens before we know it. “It’s not just what we do at home, it’s what we do on the global front that matters…I want tweens and moms to see there are so many ways to access activism at their own comfort level,” says Elena.

To set up the logistics, Elena connected with her local Hilton Hotel. The Hilton McClean, Tyson’s Corner, VA, is generously hosting the morning. To those considering organizing their own event, and looking for inspiration on where to begin, she recommends being “thoughtful about the relationships you have that are a good fit.”

Elena’s inspiring example is exactly what +SocialGood is all about: innovation, forward thinking, global perspective, connection, and local action.


You don’t have to create your own event! Anyone can join the online community and work in their own ways to translate the online discussions into live community action. Create a profile for yourself and explore! Online, community members can make connections with like-minded people all over the world! You can expand and drive global conversations, share content as often as you like. Those who share more often can become +SocialGood Connectors, leading and influencing communities, and will be featured on the +SocialGood site and throughout the Social Good Summit.

If you can create your own event, +SocialGood gatherings aim to bring communities together to think about old problems in fresh ways. By bringing new people to the table and exploring how everyday people affect real social change, event organizers will report back to the online community and expand action even further.

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Join +SocialGood today!Whether your passion is helping girls and women, education, environment, global health, or ending poverty, there is a place for you in the +SocialGood community! Like +SocialGood on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Pinterest to learn more!

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