Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” Takes Us to Syrian Refugee Camps


September 9, 2013

“There’s been so much discussion about the politics, there’s been so much discussion about the security, but what’s continually forgotten in all these conflicts is what’s happening to the Syrians.” Andrew Harper, UNHCR’s Representative to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan appearing on The Daily Show last week.

As we all struggle to make sense of what is happening in Syria, Harper’s wide-ranging conversation with host Jon Stewart provides straightforward insights into what the Syrian people are experiencing and how neighboring countries are reaching out with compassion. He also applauds the financial support of Americans.

As Jon Stewart remarks, the monumental effort to care for those displaced, including more than one million children shows us a “whole other avenue of the UN — boots on the ground people like yourself doing this incredible day to day work, (and doing it) effectively, efficiently in a manner that is astonishing to see.”

In part two of the interview, not broadcast on The Daily Show, Harper highlights the compassion of hardened soldiers on the Jordanian border as they welcome children — hiding their guns and letting them know, “You’re safe now.” They regularly share their cell phones so families can call their loved ones to tell them they made it out as they begin the long walk into an unknown future.

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