The Digital Revolution Powered by Women Worldwide


September 27, 2013

The spread of Internet access and mobile technology brings with it an entirely new opportunity for women to use social media on a global scale.

A conversation about the power of women’s voices to break through the silence of our stories, brought Jensine Larsen and Neema Namadamu to New York’s Social Good Summit stage this week. They shared experiences of women making significant changes in their local communities and worldwide, though the power of connecting with each other online.

Chrysula and Neema NamadamaLarsen, founder of global communication network World Pulse, saw a need for women around the world to use their own voices to talk about the issues that matter most to them, instead of simply asking others to be their messengers. Through the World Pulse community, nearly 60,000 women in over 200 countries are able to connect in internet cafés or using their mobile devices. As they connect and exchange stories, solutions, and resources, women are experiencing a sense of transformation and are becoming what Larsen refers to as ‘transmitters.’ These women are taking what they learn online and sharing that information with their own communities, in effect impacting 2.2 million lives.

World Pulse’s three-point strategy for crowdsourcing the feminine intelligence of the planet is simple:

  1. Turn on the Lights – Use technology to create a safe forum where women can speak and be heard.
  2. Link up the Transmitters – Connect women with each other to facilitate the mass exchange of ideas and solutions.
  3. Light up the Grid – Back it up with a massive infusion of resources and follow their lead.

Neema Namadamu is doing all three! She contracted polio at age two, and was told she was a “lost cause”. It’s a phrase she’s heard throughout her life — not only about people but also about her homeland of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She points out however, that with technology lost causes are saved. “I don’t need a visa, I don’t need a ticket. With technology, I’m everywhere,” she says. By connecting with World Pulse in a crowded Internet café with only twelve computers, Namadamu has enabled women in her community to reach the world, and they have been heard! They began writing and started an online petition through, and, “asked our sister in the White House to help us bring peace in my country.”

Namadamu knows the power of women and the impact of technology. She says, “Thousands of women are still in silence with no voice. Getting voices out, telling stories, together, we will change the world.”

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Watch Neema Namadamu and Jensine Larsen’s full conversation. Share this post and check out World Pulse to hear more from women around the world whose voices deserve to be heard by us all.

Image: Courtesy of Million Moms Challenge community manager Chrysula Winegar, who was honored to have a moment with Neema Namadama at the Social Good Summit. 

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