Climate Change Gets Personal: 24 Hours of Climate Reality


October 21, 2013

Can individuals make a difference in climate change? Maggie Fox, CEO of The Climate Reality Project, says we absolutely can. “What we’re up against is a global challenge. So all small, medium and large governments must be involved. But the government is us. We have an enormous voice. What we choose to buy and speak about actually does change what corporations do. When you take individual action, you are giving yourself the authority to demand more from the institutions that serve us.”

Climate_Reality_blog_postBack in August we told you about 24 Hours of Climate Reality, a live-streamed presentation from The Climate Reality Project. Maggie Fox and her team as well as experts, celebrities and ordinary citizens will take us on a 24 hour journey that begins tomorrow. We’re all invited to participate, learn more, and share what we know about climate change.

The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to a global cultural movement to take action on the climate crisis. The movement is more than 5 million people strong, including a grassroots network of Climate Reality Leaders trained by Chairman Al Gore, to empower our leaders to solve the climate crisis.

The theme for this year is The Cost of Carbon, which explores the reality of the price we all pay for carbon pollution, from tax dollars diverted for natural disaster cleanup to families being displaced by wildfires. These are issues that affect us all, and at a cost that is more than just money. Take a look at this quick video to learn more:

This is the perfect opportunity to raise your voice, share the movement with your friends and family to move forward in finding solutions to change the course of our future!

Take Action Challenge
Join the movement and participate in 24 Hours of Climate Reality! You can RSVP here, share the conversation with your various social network communities, and take part in the Thunderclap that will kick off the event. Use the hashtag #CostofCarbon to add to the discussion, and share this broadcast with your communities.

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