Solving the World’s Health Problems in 20 Years!


February 13, 2014

Our goals as mothers are to keep our kids healthy and strong, and give them the best future we possibly can. Mothers everywhere have these same goals. Recently I was able to attend a briefing at the United Nations about how the global solutions for health are coming together. The experts call it a “grand convergence”. What it means is that health professionals, governments and businesses are finding new ways to collaborate to ensure health for more moms and babies.

Global Health 2035


In just over 20 years, these communities hope to reach some incredible milestones, ones that seemed unimaginable a decade ago!

Like providing every child, woman, and man with access to the powerful medicines, vaccines, and other tools we have to fight infectious diseases and prevent the deaths of mothers and children; reducing the rates of children dying before their fifth birthday, to only 16 per 1,000 live births; saving the lives of people with AIDS – reducing deaths to 8 per 100,000; and preventing and saving lives from vaccine-preventable diseases, like Tuberculosis to fewer than 4 people per 100,000.

Global Health 2035 proposes a new, ambitious investment framework to close global health gaps within a generation. Presented by the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health (an international group of 25 economists and global health experts), the “Global Convergence 2035: A World Converging Within A Generation” includes aggressively expanding new and existing tools to tackle HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, neglected tropical diseases and mother and child health conditions by gathering collective support of both national governments and the international communities.

If just the governments of low and middle income countries invested only 1 percent of their economic growth over the next two decades the whole “grand convergence” would be able to provide every woman, every man and child the access to the vaccines and health care they need.

“By harnessing the financial and ever-improving technical capacity of our generation, we can avert 10 million deaths in 2035 and ensure healthy, productive lives for millions more people—a remarkable step toward closing the massive gap that has defined global health for the past three decades.”


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