Motherhood is a Woman’s Greatest Challenge


April 2, 2014

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As a businesswoman who has led on women’s empowerment issues, I knew that the challenges of motherhood and of keeping myself professionally active were to become a major test in my life — but I had not fully realized that being a mother is, in itself, the greatest challenge in a woman’s life.


Valentina and Mariaignacia were born when I was a mature woman and in the midst of a solid professional career. The birth of our children is a miracle of love that transforms us, our daily routine, thoughts, hierarchies and interests. Despite all of this, I wanted to be the same woman as I had always been. I could only begin to guess that this challenge would bring me the greatest learning of my life.

The first thing was to accept the change. Being a mother compelled me to reinvent myself, discovering a power within myself that has helped me reach the new rhythm in this path. What a challenge motherhood has been, and how complex it has been to educate them, to grow and teach myself to be more patient, more focused and to appreciate together the small and great things of life.

How tiring it has been to find the balance to guide them with limits, but without hindering their freedom. How extremely difficult it is to say “no.” How confusing it is to accompany our children without invading their privacy and respecting their will even without enough experience. How difficult it is to love and to educate at the same time.

It is true that a mother’s love is different from everything else; it is an immense force that helps you forgive, trust and honor this divine commitment of being a mother, without schedules, without rest and without a script.

I found within myself a power I didn’t know existed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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