Motherhood Traditions From Around The World

By Global Moms Challenge

April 23, 2014

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The world is full of animosity, sadness, and segregation, but I have hope in something that has potential to bring people together. Something we all have. Something many of you are. And that’s mothers.

When I became a mother I felt as though I was inaugurated into some kind of club. Other moms wanted to give me advice, and asked for it from me. I was invited to special little get-togethers we like to call “play dates.” Mothers wanted to strike up conversations and even debate topics surrounding natural birth, breastfeeding, making your own baby food and diapering systems.

Women who have been through what I’m going through surround me, and I’ve become a fellow cheerleader for the team, encouraging expecting mothers along their journey.

Branching out from my own community, societies around the world celebrate pregnancy and birth with countless customs and traditions. From superstitions during pregnancy to customary gifts for new moms, some of our approaches surrounding new life couldn’t be more contrasting. But regardless if one mother is giving birth in a hospital, and another is in a village mud hut, we all possess a commonality that links us the moment our babies touch us. We share a love for our children.

Like sisters, we share the same feelings of new love for our babies, fear for the worst, feel pain when they’re hurt, and grief when they’re sad.

Call me optimistic but I feel like a mother’s love has the power to do amazing things. The world must agree with me to some extent, otherwise, why would we go through such lengths to celebrate new life?

Pregnancy and birth isn’t a new thing, but that doesn’t keep families around the world from reveling in this special time. Here are some fun traditions superstitions and customs around the globe surrounding the birth of a new baby.

In Russia, other women shouldn’t touch pregnant belly (unless they want to get pregnancy) because it’s believed to be contagious.
“I know how funny it may seem but not long before I found out that I was pregnant I met with my pregnant friend and touched her belly.” BabyCenter editor Irina Korabeinikova said.

Images: Flickr/by genue.luben
Across the world we all have different beliefs and rituals but one common denominator is we all want the same thing: healthy babies. Unfortunately that doesn’t come as easy for families everywhere. The [email protected] campaign aims to decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give every child a shot at a healthy life. Together we can be the change we hope to see in the world — because the sisterhood of motherhood has the power to make positive change.

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