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Protect – Nurture – Love: The Shared Stories of Women

Even though motherhood is universal, each woman has her own unique story and these stories offer a wealth of knowledge that should be shared with all women around the world. I became even more aware of this while I was photographing a series of images titled My Pregnancy, in which I captured pregnant women from all walks of life, in settings inspired by the beauty found in elements of nature that also bring forth new life. I photographed seeds, eggs, buds, cocoons, nests and bulbs, and visually connected these beautiful nature elements with photographs of pregnant women – in my own way linking the continuous cycle of life.

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Girl Up Teen Advisors Surprise Their Moms in the Most Beautiful Way

Mothers are important to us all. They shape us, show us how to love and care for others. That is definitely the case with my mother, Lynda. She has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known. She was a teacher and a health professional and spent her life putting others' needs before her own. The part of me that is driven to make the world a better place is shaped by my mom.

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