Stopping Disease In Its Tracks: World Immunization Week

By Global Moms Challenge

April 22, 2014

Recent upticks in measles cases right here in the US remind us that we cannot relax the fight against disease. There are places in the world where rotavirus (severe form of diarrhea), pneumonia and whooping cough (pertussis) are still prevalent and still taking the lives of children every twenty seconds. These are all diseases that are largely preventable with vaccines.

Vaccines have helped to cut the number of child deaths in half over the last two decades, and are proven as one of the most effective (and cost-efficient) investments in our health. If vaccines were readily available around the world, imagine the effect on global health and the many lives saved!

For World Immunization Week share this infographic, created by UNICEF, which clearly shows the effectiveness of vaccines against preventable illnesses.

Vaccinating one child saves a life. Vaccinating every child stops disease in its tracks.

Take Action Challenge
UNICEF is committed to vaccinating children around the world with the end goal of eradicating disease. Support UNICEF in its efforts to vaccinate every single child against preventable childhood diseases. Any amount you can give will help save kids’ lives.

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