Have you ever seen a determined mom? Get out of the way!


May 16, 2014

Moms +SocialGood brought inspiration and messages about what’s being done (and what still needs to be done) to help mothers and children around the globe. Celebrities, journalists, doctors, royalty, and moms brought hope and clear ways to work together on the most important issues moms are facing.

Kathryn Bolles M+SGTwo conversations stood out to me: Saving Moms and Kids in Crisis; and Investing in Mothers, Improving Global Health.

Kathryn Bolles from Save the Children has seen mothers and children in crisis all around the world. She shared the story of Aria, a four year old caught in a devastating tornado in Oklahoma in May, 2013. Aria’s teacher Miss Kathy held her ankle, keeping Aria from being taken as the tornado tore through their town.

Kathryn shared the annual State of the World’s Mothers Report, on how to help the world be a better and safer place for moms and children. The staggering reality is that when disaster strikes, women and children are more at risk and less likely to survive than men. Few people know that, but Save the Children is stopping at nothing to make sure these issues get the attention they deserve—just watch, this was my favorite part:

Wishes for Mothers and Children

The ‘Power Panel,’ as I’ve dubbed them, who spoke on Investing in Mothers, Improving Global Health, shared personal experiences and some alarming statistics. Did you know that more than 1 billion women in the world do not have access to a toilet? Among the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the least progress has been made in areas relating to mothers and motherhood, but having these goals enables us to more clearly see where work needs to be done. Mothers have an enormous role to play in protecting childhood and children’s health. Dr. Sandra Hassink of the American Academy of Pediatrics asked to applause. Have you ever seen a focused mom? ‘Get outta the way!’”


Take Action Challenge
Watch the Livestream videos of these conversations. YOU too can use your voice to share the stories of moms everywhere who need our support.

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