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May 2, 2014

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o-HELEN-CLARK-MOM-570My mother was an enormous influence on my life. She was a teacher and so she put a great deal of emphasis on us making the most of our education. She was a very determined woman—she was born in the early 1920s and she made her own way in life. I have always been inspired by her independent mind.

Mothers bring life. Mothers bring caring. Mothers set the tone for the aspirations of the next generation. I think a great deal about the next generation and what kind of world they are inheriting from us. What will their world look like? Perhaps more importantly, what kind of world do they want? The United Nations’ My World campaign has collected the opinions of nearly 2 million people sharing their priorities on this question.

The values mothers can convey to young people and to children are so critical to shaping the future of my world and the world of each of us. Thank you for all you do in raising the next generation of global citizens. Happy Mother’s Day!


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[Image: Margaret Clark, with Helen Clark on her right and younger sister on her lap.]

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