Investing in Girls and Women = World Change!


June 19, 2014

Girls around the world are often underestimated and limited by old rules and social pressures.

To challenge some of these norms and celebrate the potential of girls and women, the third annual S.H.E. Summit set out to explore the challenges women and girls face as they try to change the world.

Lesson learned: we must invest in girls

Many boys and girls share the same dreams and goals, yet the investment in girls is far less. At S.H.E. Summit, men and women discussed the limitations on girls taking the lead and what can be done to help girls and women find a safe space to grow — confident in their capabilities and ability to achieve their dreams.


S.H.E. Summit “Invest in Girls. Change the World.” Panel.


On the panel “Invest in Girls. Change the World,” leaders from Girl Rising, Man Up, Girl Scouts of the USA, and others, identified these important facts surrounding women and girls:

Many men and women believe that a “woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty and sexuality, and NOT in her ability as a leader.”

  • Girls lack access to networks and tools for development, empowering them to change their own world and their own circumstances.
  • Girls are called “bossy” more than boys — a third of girls opt out of leadership for fear of being disliked or being called “bossy.”
  • Millions of girls lack access to education and denied work opportunities.
  • A lack of strong role models in books, movies, and the media are reducing their ability to envision their dreams.
  • Men and boys are critical to creating change.


Zeenat Rahman repeated one of her favorite quotes: “You can’t be what you can’t see” Jimmie Briggs, the Founder of Man Up, agreed that women should be lifted up, not seen as “a problem to be fixed.”


Take Action Challenge

Watch the S.H.E. summit here. Learn how you can invest in women and girls at Girl Up, because every girl deserves a chance to be who she wants to be!

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