World Refugee Day: It’s Not Enough to Say Something


June 20, 2014

Malala Yousafzai knows exactly what it feels like to have to flee your home because of conflict, leaving everything behind. For Malala, one of the hardest things was leaving behind her precious school books – the same books that symbolized her fight for an education.

Earlier this year, Malala, along with her father Zia Yousafzai, visited the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Malala and her father met with refugees pouring across the border and helped families move into the camp. They sat in a makeshift school under a tent and visited with students desperate to restart their educations.

As Malala says, “It’s necessary that today we not only say ‘today is World Refugee Day, and we should say something’ but rather we should take an action and make sure that no person on this earth becomes a refugee.”


There she met a young girl not unlike herself, Mazoun. Mazoun is just 16, and has great dreams for her future despite great challenges accessing education. Here Malala shares her memories of Mazoun, and her own experiences of displacement.

Take Action Challenge

War and persecution have forced more than 50 million people to flee their homes. Did you know: $10 can buy a groundsheet so a family doesn’t have to sleep on the ground; $20 can buy jerry cans for two families to transport water and $50 can buy fleece blankets for a whole family. Please join UNHCR in helping refugees today.


Photos courtesy of the Malala Fund

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