How You Can Help Save Children’s Lives with Shot@Life’s Blogust


August 1, 2014

Blogust, the first-of-its-kind digital relay, is now in its third year. Beloved bloggers and celebrities are once again coming together to share their stories in hopes of inspiring readers to comment and share, in turn providing life-saving vaccines for children in need.


How does it work?

Shot@Life, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, works with a network of thousands across the country to advocate and fundraise for global vaccines for children in countries with the greatest need. Blogust is a digital drumbeat to tell the stories of happy and healthy firsts – firsts that Shot@Life hopes every child will have a chance to experience.

Each day in August a new blog post will be published. For every comment, or social media share using the icons provided on the posts, a vaccine will be provided for a child in need. That’s right: simply making a comment or sharing the post on Facebook or Twitter will guarantee a child receives a vaccination.

How do comments provide vaccines?

Walgreens, in partnership with the UN Foundation and its partner agencies, will donate a vaccine for every comment or share up to 60,000 vaccines.

How often can someone comment?

Every day! Read, comment, and share each day and on every post.

Has Blogust been successful in the past?

Yes! In the inaugural year – 2012 – almost 11,000 comments were received. Last year more than 36,000 comments and social media actions were recorded for our second annual Blogust. This year Shot@Life is aiming even higher!

Take Action Challenge

Comment and share! It seems so simple, and it is. Blogust contributors are some of North America’s most loved voices. Read their words, add your own thoughts and experiences in the comments section of the posts, and share with your friends and networks. Comments count! Sign up for daily email reminders of each new post for the month at Remember to like Shot@Life on Facebook and follow on Twitter with #blogust.

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