Partner Spotlight: Every Woman, Every Child


August 27, 2014

Welcome to our new Partner Spotlight series where we give you a brief Q&A with one of our amazing Global Moms Challenge partners. We’re kicking off this series with the Every Woman Every Child initiative of the UN Secretary-General to make sure that all women and children around the world have more opportunities for good health and happiness. Everything we do here at the Global Moms Challenge has that same purpose and goal.

EWEC David Evans

Photo credit: courtesy of Every Woman Every Child | Ethiopia | David Evans

How was Every Woman Every Child started and why?

It was launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) summit in September 2010. Every Woman Every Child aims to save the lives of 16 million women and children and improve the lives of millions more by 2015.

It is a never-before-seen global movement of more than 300 partners that points a bright light on actions taken by governments, private companies, research and academia, and ordinary people to address the major health challenges facing women and children around the world.


How does Every Woman Every Child’s mission boost health and happiness for moms and kids?

UNFPA Andrew Cullen

Photo credit: courtesy of UNFPA | Mongolia | Andrew Cullen

There are still too many moms dying from complications in pregnancy and childbirth, but those numbers are dropping. Since the launch of Every Woman Every Child, there are some important things to celebrate in the health of women and children around the world: More children are living to reach their fifth birthday – a significant milestone and strong predictor of long-term health. Every Woman Every Child has helped grab new attention, investment and focus on some of the most overlooked causes of death for women and children, including expanding access to family planning for those who want it, and tackling preterm birth.

Where does Every Woman Every Child work?

Everywhere! More than 300 organizations, including 70 governments, have made commitments to support the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, an action plan from the UN. The full list of organizations that have made commitments to Every Woman Every Child can be found at

Every Woman Every Child is unique because… 

The Every Woman Every Child movement brings together governments, philanthropic institutions and other funders, the United Nations and other organizations, nonprofits, interested individuals, the business community, healthcare workers and professionals, and academic and research institutions from around the world. Everyone who is part of the conversation can be part of the solution.

What’s one thing the Global Moms Challenge community can do right now to support Every Woman Every Child?

Share its work on your social media channels. You can find Every Woman Every Child on Twitter, Facebook and learn more on their website. Go to their YouTube channel and share a video messages right now!



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