The World’s Biggest Goals and Having a Humanitarian’s Heart


August 15, 2014

I have a friend in Tanzania. She’s smart, works hard, is well educated – and she’s absolutely terrified to give birth. In Tanzania the odds are against her. She almost died giving birth to her first two sons, including the time a rushed doctor left a sponge in her uterus, causing a massive infection. Joyously, with her third child, she received top-level care and had her very first safe, complication-free delivery of the cutest little guy you ever did see.

Happier and healthier moms and babies everywhere
GMC_MDG500HangoutGraphic3It should be that way every time, for every mother around the world. We are quickly approaching a critical expiration date: At the end of 2015, a list of the world’s top goals called the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, will hit their deadlines. Here at the Global Moms Challenge, we think about all eight MDGs all the time, but we especially focus our energy on what’s happening to reduce the number of mothers and children dying.

Anita Sharma, senior director of the Millennium Development Goals Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation reports, “The statistics are stark and represent the hardest to reach women and children: 289,000 women die in childbirth and 6.6 million children do not live to see their fifth birthday, including nearly 3 million newborns who don’t survive the first month of life.”

The good news? The world has made a lot of progress. Monday August 18 marks 500 days until the MDGs hit their deadline. Join us at 1:30pm for a conversation focused on the solutions – what’s working to save mothers’ lives and how can we do more with those solutions to reach even more moms and children.

Messengers of humanity

World Humanitarian DayFollowing on August 19, it’s World Humanitarian Day with a plea to protect and support humanitarians around the world who are the implementers of many of the solutions to the MDGs. Vital people who give vaccines, distribute food and water in crisis situations, check the growth of children, help moms breastfeed, and safely deliver new babies in hygienic conditions. They are on the front lines and they are doing the hard work of solving the world’s big problems every single day.

You are part of that work. When you share, and donate and sign petitions to stand up for injustice and fight for better access to basic food, water and medicine, you join the ranks of worldwide humanitarians. You become a messenger of humanity— we are so grateful you are with us on this journey.




Take Action Challenge

Messenger of Humanity

Become a Messenger of Humanity in time for World Humanitarian Day on August 19. Share inspirational messages, honor a humanitarian hero somewhere in the world and make your own contribution. Join now.

Join #MDGMomentum on Monday August 18 on your favorite social network and remember to join our conversation on “Real Solutions That Are Saving Mothers’ Lives” at

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