It Begins with One; It Matters to Everyone


September 25, 2014

Tomorrow is World Contraception Day, a day to rally support for making sure every woman who wants access to family planning and contraception options that are best for her and her family. There are few things more personal — and fundamental — than the decision about when, with whom, and how many children to have. But for far too many, this isn’t a decision at all.

Right now, there are more than 220 million girls and women around the world who want to delay pregnancy but lack access to contraceptive information and services. We know this personal matter has far-reaching implications for health, equality between men and women, economic opportunity and political stability.

However we can do something about this. When girls and women can fully realize their rights in this area, including access to contraception — families, communities and nations thrive. There is a ripple effect that not only affects families today, but generations to come.

Watch this video to see how the chance for a woman to plan her own family impacts entire societies.

Take Action Challenge

This World Contraception Day, raise your voice for girls and women around the world. As world leaders come together at the United Nations to work on key priorities for our planet for 2015 and beyond, share this video and let your community know why access to safe contraceptive options for women matters to us all. You can learn more by following the Universal Access Project on Twitter.

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