Moms Matter at the Social Good Summit


September 18, 2014

Next week, leaders, politicians, and influencers from all over the world will come together in New York City to discuss matters of importance for all of humanity. In addition to the United Nations General Assembly, other forums will discuss a range of critical topics — ranging from the conflict in Syria to ending polio.

Moms are on the frontlines, connecting with other mothers around the world, and raising the next generation together. What you have to say matters, and next week the world will be listening.


The Social Good Summit is the top forum for our voices to be heard. Hosted at the 92nd Street Y, the Summit is a continuous stream of conversation and sharing ideas about how to make this world a better place. Much focus is given to the Millennium Development Goals, both through 2015 and 2030, and where we stand with those goals. Using the hashtag #2030NOW each one of us is invited to consider, “What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?” We look forward to hearing ideas and answers to this question from all of you.

The role we each play in the future of our earth will also be front and center—at both the Social Good Summit and at the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit. Learn more by visiting and following #climate2014.

If you won’t be in New York City next week, you can still participate in the conversation online using the hashtag #2030NOW, and join others worldwide in livestreaming the event.

Take Action Challenge

Find a MeetUp and bookmark the LiveStream. Take a look at the agenda and let us know which topics and speakers you’re most excited about! Remember to share your thoughts with #2030now and tag us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow the #Instacorps for behind the scenes snapshots from some amazing photographers.

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