Newsday Tuesday: Amazing Photo Essay on the Cusp of Climate Change


September 30, 2014


A team from the New York Times collected incredible images and stories from around the globe to tell the story of the devastating impact on various animals and plants as temperatures gradually rise. The realities of climate change are vast and so many elements of our planet will be affected.

From walrus’ losing the sea ice platforms where they birth and raise their pups, to tea crops being devastated by shifting monsoon seasons, the earth is already reeling from the changes. Scientists report salamanders that are smaller and possibly not reproducing as successfully – with one species shrinking by 18% over 55 years. Bumble bees, nature’s pollination power houses, are in crisis world wide. The impact of warming gets down to basics – rice, corn and wheat crop yields will drop dramatically with temperature increases.

You may not miss the sharks, but the loss of wild flowers, moss and coral reefs will have far-reaching effects. Perhaps most chillingly, is the potential impact of disease. Malaria for example, is beginning to encroach at ever-higher altitude levels.

Our planet is worth saving because of the joyous diversity of creatures and botanical life that fill it.

Take Action Challenge

Check out the full article and beautiful photographs here. You can click “Join the Conversation” above and add your thoughts about your favorite animal or plant, or share you ideas about what you’re doing in your family to protect the earth.

Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, via Associated Press, from the original article

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