Wait…What?! This is Seriously Surprising.


September 26, 2014


EngenderHealth, an organization that trains doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care providers on family planning services for women and girls in 20 countries is asking in a new campaign,
“Where’s the family planning? 220 million women want to know.” These 220 million are identified as the number of women who want access to contraceptives but can’t get them for a variety of reasons.wtfp-shareable-soda The results, if we could meet their needs, would be staggering.

Take Action Challenge

Today is World Contraception Day. Share this post on your social networks, or download the infographic here. Or watch and share this cheeky video on history’s worst methods of contraception. It’ll make you go ewww. It also might make you angry that women have had to resort to so many dangerous methods, simply to plan when they wanted to have children.

So we’re asking too — where’s the family planning? Join the conversation with hashtag #wheresthefp.

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