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By Global Moms Challenge

October 3, 2014


Welcome to our new series, Global Moms in Action, where we honor and celebrate moms like you getting involved in solving the world’s big issues. We asked ClimateMama, Harriet Shugarman, a few questions about the great things she is doing to ask companies to change the their environmental practices and take action to protect the planet for her children.

What’s the cause or issue you’re most passionate about?

Climate change solutions, education and advocacy. The scientific community is telling us that climate change is here now, caused by humans, and that we must act immediately to avert a future that could be unsustainable for human beings. We are not acting on this with the urgency this global crisis requires, particularly in the United States, where I live.

What led you to take up this issue?

I was selected for one of the first Climate Reality Project trainings, led by Al Gore, almost eight years ago. This opened my eyes to the immediate dangers and long term consequences we face from climate change and the need to help others see what’s at stake, too.


Can you give us some examples of ways you’ve taken action?

I created ClimateMama almost five years ago as a platform and safe place for parents to learn more about climate change and how to become empowered to take action, because actions do “speak louder than words”. Some recent actions include: helping plan and promote the recent NYC Climate March for families and kids; reporting on the UN Climate Summit; and reaching out to “powerful parents” to take real action on climate solutions. The Rainforest Action Network “Snack Food 20” campaign and our “mom to mom” outreach to Indra Nooyi and Pepsico on conflict palm oil are prime examples!

How have you involved your children (or community) in your cause/activism?

IMG_2415Working on climate change is my life’s work, my passion and my ‘day job’ — so it definitely impacts my children’s lives in many ways. My children, like many teens, are both proud and horrified at times by their mom’s actions. But when I see my kids at rallies, marches, and public meetings, I know they hear, see and understand the importance of speaking out and demanding action.

Why do you think mothers’ voices need to be more widely heard at all levels of society?

GlobalfrackdownNYCHSA mother’s voice and her actions help bring global issues home. Climate change is impacting our children now. It is impacting our children’s health, their security, the air they breathe, food they eat and water they drink, as well as their future opportunities and prosperity. As mothers, we stand up for our children; it’s our job. We serve in many capacities in our communities, in the boardroom, in our children’s schools, houses of worship and public offices. Once mothers recognize what’s at stake, we are very powerful and forceful agents of change.

What are your hopes for the future on this issue?

I am truly hopeful we will set in motion a path towards a livable, sustainable, secure, healthy and safe future for our children. We will help shape a world that is powered by renewable energy, with clean air, clean water and access to reliable, healthy food for everyone. We will use our voting and purchasing power to remove road-blocks and to set examples, demanding and accepting solutions and hope for our children and for all of us.

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