Five Things to Know About Nothing But Nets


November 26, 2014

Continuing our Partner Spotlight series, we asked Nothing But Nets some essential questions about their work.

NBN_Blue_WomanWhat is Nothing But Nets’ mission, and how do you boost health and happiness for moms and kids?

Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria—a disease transmitted by a single mosquito bite. Mothers can feel powerless against these tiny bearers of sickness and death. However, there are small things that can make a huge difference, like anti-malarial bednets. By sleeping under a bednet, children are protected from mosquitoes that bite at night. Nothing But Nets is the world’s largest grassroots movement to fight malaria, and ensures that life-saving nets get into the hands of the moms and kids who need them.

How did Nothing But Nets Get Started?

In 2006, Rick Reilly wrote a column in Sports Illustrated about how bednets for children help keep them safe from malaria. He titled it Nothing But Nets and the response from thousands of readers who donated to the cause led to the creation of the Nothing But Nets campaign by the United Nations Foundation.

NBN_Mom_BabyWhere does Nothing But Nets work?

Nothing But Nets raises awareness, funds and voices to help our UN partners deliver bed nets to families throughout Africa, where more than 90 percent of deaths from malaria occur. Since the campaign began, we’ve raised more than $50 million to help our UN partners deliver more than 7.5 million nets to families in 29 African countries.

What is Nothing But Nets’ proudest accomplishment, or someone who has benefitted from your work?

In just a decade, the fight against malaria has cut deaths from malaria among children under five, in half. The World Health Organization reports 3.3 million lives have been saved in just 10 years. We’re honored to be part of the solution to end this disease.

NBN_KidsWhat makes Nothing But Nets unique?

Nothing But Nets is unique because it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a CEO—anyone can help send nets and save lives. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of our supporters doing amazing things, from writing poems to hosting basketball fundraisers, to accomplish this mission.

Take Action Challenge

Send a Net. Save a Life. A $10 donation will send a net to a family to protect them from malaria as well as educate them on its use. Or, spread the word about Nothing But Nets by sharing a video from their website and stories with your friends. You can find Nothing But Nets on Facebook and Twitter.

Images courtesy of Nothing But Nets / UN Foundation

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