One Easy Way to Get Kids To Volunteer!


December 5, 2014

Chrysula_FamilyIt’s the season of service, love and giving. It’s also the season of managing our children’s expectations of presents and getting more ‘stuff’. We work hard to have conversations and experiences that help our children have appreciation for the needs of others, but sometimes a little entitlement kicks in.

My kids have good hearts, but they also have lots of privilege and comfort. It’s hard to help them see and understand what lies beyond their lives.

December 5 is International Volunteer Day. I struggle sometimes to get my kids to step out of their comfort zone, but here’s something you can do at home right now. Together you can honor the spirit of this day and also start talking about some of the world’s biggest issues!


Go to There you’ll find a list of 16 topics ranging from a good education, affordable and nutritious food, to access to clean water and sanitation and action taken on climate change. Each global issue has a simple statement expanding on what it means, and can be a great starting point for conversations at home.


UN Global VoteYou’re part of a global vote at the United Nations, allowing people for the first time to have a direct say in shaping a better world.

These votes matter. The UN is working with governments everywhere to define the next global agenda to address extreme poverty and preserve the planet. They take the voting information from our MY World choices and use it to shape priorities for the UN for 2015 and beyond.  Says UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “I want this to be the most inclusive global development process the world has ever known.”

Take Action Challenge

Vote for your top 6 most important priorities and then invite your kids to join you in registering their opinions. This process has helped me talk about what these big issues mean with my kids. By allowing our kids to vote too, we’re showing them that paying attention and giving a little bit of their time can make a big difference.

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